Monday, October 4, 2010

Where to start?

Maybe from the start.  Well not really from the real start - but from the start of an illustrious bike racing career spanning nearly two years so far.

In February of 09' I started riding my bike to work.  The goal: combat the fat.  At nearly 210 lbs I had a bout of severe back problems and the logic was "you figger a truck wears out a lot faster when haulin' too much - so mebbe I should start haulin' less".   I had always wanted to bike commute for the usual logical reasons as well:
  • Fitness while getting you to your unfit desk job.  In total it "costs" me about 40 minutes per day to achieve approximately 1-1/2 hours of exercise.
  • Super (go ahead, you know you want to call it "Uber") efficient:  I have challenged my colleagues to offer up something more efficient in terms of energy transfer.  The best they have offered so far is "a toaster" - which I conceed, is very efficient in doing its thing.   I do like my toasted bagel after getting to work on the -"ahem" 2nd most efficient device. Golly!  that's a two-fer!! I simply appreciate efficiency - always have.  You could say I was country before country was cool, but it's not.
  • Gas money - No.  I am sorry folks, you're not saving alot of gas.  The bicycle can actually cost more if that is your only means of measure. A heck of alot more if you really start to enjoy it and the nicer equipment.  Stop reading now if your obsessed with petroleum - man I could take this a bit further - but you've likely heard similar things.  
  • If you can think beyond a single metric there are a whole bunch of other money saving reasons (this is a tiny list - while motivated to ride to work, I compensate with laziness elsewhere):  Less wear and tear / mileage on the car, less visits to your doctor because you're fat, less probability of divorce because your getting some (soothing endorphins yo'), less insurance because now you legitimately don't drive more than 5,000 miles per year - etc, etc. 
  • It's in my blood.  Fact is, I find "cycling" (this is the more appropriate term as you move up the cyclist hierarchy) to be one of the best things in life.  Man has nearly topped out with this particular invention.  Nothing else in the mechanical world works so effectively with the human being with such grace and fluidity.   It has minimal impact on earthly surroundings - (except for those road things - those were originally intended for bicycles according to internet folklore).  I think this may be a sneak attack we need to be aware of  stirred up by big oil.

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