Sunday, January 30, 2011

Damn good year to have purchased a Snow Bike

The recent weather and Lucy's work obligations have put a halt on regular commuting for the past couple of weeks but that's just fine.  After all, according to the bike coaching experts out there - your suppose to have a couple of weeks off in the off season.  I have gotten in a random ride or two along with pulling snow off the roof, building the ultimate backyard luge / snow cave and generally being a decent daddy while moms away - so it's not as though good exercise isn't being had.  Quite the opposite. 

Ava getting dumped:

There was a solid 16" of snow on our roof - and while I haven't calculated it exactly - I'm certain I have yanked close to 10 tons of the stuff off.  What amazes me - is how many folks around here *aren't* pulling the snow off.  Ice damns can do some serious damage - not to mention we have another storm coming next Wednesday.  One of the roofs at a local elementary school collapsed under the weight - so they had to cancel class for all the local schools.  At this rate Ava will be in school until July.  

I did get a nice ride in today.   Having had a bit too much to drink last night, I didn't get out until later in the day - which meant tougher going on the warmed up snow.  At first I was humming along fine - but then got to a stretch of less packed / softer snow that brought things to a halt - so I lowered the already low pressure to somewhere below 5 psi.  End result:  Amazing.  Ms Mukluk handled some very soft terrain beautifully. 

I have had the little Tachyon XC helmet cam for about a year - and decided to try mounting it somewhere else this time while biking.  It is with pleasure that I introduce the "crotch-cam".  From time to time I feel like a dick.  Now - you can too!

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