Sunday, February 13, 2011

Serious musings

With only 7 weeks before the first race of the EFTA season, anxiety is starting to build.   Average weight has come down from the fat months - peaking @ 170 down to 160 - but another 10 would be the kicker - I think.

Along the way, I have tried oh so hard to understand this book - it's what everyone reads and refers to.  It is  wildly ironic that lots of individuals with ADD find themselves drawn to cycling - only to get to a point where their volume needs to be more focused on specific training and gasp.. reading a whole book.

  On the lower right of "the bible" is a little tag "The best-selling book for serious cyclists".  Seriously?   Hoo-boy..  knew this was coming.   Until now training has been to ride a bunch.  It's important to note, all the riding to work does constitute training.  No one should be fooled into thinking a fellow competitor who "just rides to work" has some kind of magical talent.  It's just not as structured as some training plans.

I kind of got distracted while reading and thought you might be interested how thick it is:

And here is about how far I have gotten - a little over 13.28%.

Hmm. It's probably too late to employ all of the evil tactics contained.  Or is it? 

Speaking of evil tactics - I have fallen into the same trap as so many of us and ignored Eddy's advice:  "Don't buy upgrades, ride upgrades".  Do you suppose they're worth a minute or two?  Maybe enough so I don't have to get quite so involved in that serious book?  I'll be sure to let everyone know.  Wait, scratch that - it's virtually impossible for anyone to truly quantify these things with accuracy.  They get ya - a comin' and goin'

Along the lines of ADD - this is a thought provoking article.  It really summed so much of my life experience and is an interesting study on how humanity self-medicates - one way or the other.  I was born before the Ritalin wave and feel slightly cheated out of a whole younger generation that might have made competition that much more interesting.  I'd like to think experience and endurance are the contributing factors to the population and dominance of  XC racing among the 35+ set - but have to wonder..  

I do know nothing I pursue requires more intense focus than skirting a 500' cliff while riding technical terrain.  It's not so much the adrenalin rush as being caught in a moment where distraction cannot be allowed to happen.  I have several stitches in my right elbow from Telluride to prove it - had a little moment of gazing at the scenery while going down a wide non-technical trail at speed.  Oops.  Wasn't technical enough I suppose.  

In further news:  I was able to ride to work 4 out of 5 days last week and had a great ride on the snowmobile trails with the Mukluk today.  Rode for about 2-1/2 hours covering about 18 miles.  Along the way I encountered another fellow out riding.  We both knew of each other, he having known and spoken to the same XC skiers I met last weekend.  The same skiers who will kick my ass (CAT 2 roadie anyone?) this season if we get together for a ride.  He was very interested in the Mukluk and we rode in the same direction a short while heading back towards the parking lot.  After a couple of miles, I stopped for some coffee and he caught back up having witnessed the serious advantages of floatation.  Let's just say I think we may have another Snow bike owner in the area next season:)

While out riding a few more thoughts surfaced: At some point, I am going to hit my peak and have to submit to going slower.  In a moment of forward thinking when I got back home, I registered the blog name: "you just get slower".  I'll fight my stupid little demons for now racing, but when the time comes I'll be prepared. Yes siree!  Of course, by then blogging might be a whole different thing... 

Perhaps fading away is more sensible.

Until then, I'll keep trying..


  1. I've got the training bible. read it cover to cover and attempted to use it for a couple of seasons but never followed through. something about the "feeling too much like work thing". it works really well for some people but not me people.

  2. Pretty certain I'll retain the data and apply it unconciously, or without too much structure - so it's not a complete waste. Now that entire bag of "Sweets & Beets" I just ate - mighta been a complete waste - (burp).

  3. Crap, only 7 weeks I better get cracking. You don't need a training bible, pedal and when it hurts pedal more.