Sunday, April 10, 2011

One of those perfect spring weekends..

Ava chases down a neighbor

Springtails - aka "snow fleas"  there were 100's of thousands on the forest floor next to the pond

Skunk cabbage at it's best 

Railing the backyard trail

Something that someone has probably already figured out - wish I knew about this years ago:

Do I have enough facial hair to pull this off?

Not really - I'll just ride it anyways - little girls and guys driving muscle cars think it's cool:

In addition I went out for about 3 hours in Douglas State Forest  on the Single Speed.  It was good to finally go out for a proper mountain bike ride.  After this photo from the King of the Burlingame I started thinking maybe I need to balance out all the recent road riding with some skillz refinement:

So embarrassing - at least I look sort of fancy donning last years Bikeman kit (new kit coming soon)

Next post - hopefully a success story from the Fat Tire Classic @ Winding trails next weekend.  The deal is, if I place within the top five as a CAT II - the USAC will bump me to CAT I.  I begged and pleaded for a promotion with my race resume - but none of it was USAC sanctioned (all EFTA races).  Crossing fingers nothing goes horribly wrong. 


  1. Love it, but dude, those are pitcher plants, not skunk cabbage.

  2. Dudette, use the innernet and search for "Skunk Cabbage, early-spring" - then search for "Pitcher plant" and note the exquisite combination of labia and nut sack with a few varieties.

  3. The grip trick is awesome. They didn't teach anything like that at BBI!
    WT is my hometown race; any questions to help get you on the podium and into Cat1 I'd be happy to field @ charlieridesabike @ the gmail dot com.


  4. The grip thing was one of those "eureka" moments. Removal is just as easy (use a round screwdriver to open a gap to insert zip-ties -rotate & repeat.

    Thanks for tidbits on the race - pending any other sandbaggers it should work out. Initially I figured Rigid was the way to go based on race reports (smooth flowy course) but your input on the roots running perpendicular was great info.

  5. I've never seen those snow flea's before, I guess you learn something new everyday. Good luck at Winding Trails, I'll be down at SSAP so no sandbagging for me until Massasoit.

  6. Yeah, but search the internet for cheetah fabric, and you get a million leopards.