Friday, May 20, 2011

"I thought of that while riding my bicycle" -Albert King the Third

A blatant ripoff of one of Einsteins famous quotes, but it goes to show how blatantly obsessed with this biking thing I've become.

This morning's commute was alot shorter than normal - thanks to entertaining a conscious stream all about me and stuff.  After all, that's what blogs are about for the most part.  It's human nature and I'm OK with that.

Am I too old? 

Should I enlist Johnny Bold?

Sign - "Lots for Sale"  Should steal it for Lucy - she'll need it someday.

Misty - intoxicating green perfection.  Why don't more people do this??

Is a geothermal heating system for fools or visionaries?

2 seasons and possibly ready for Elite?!  Yay me - my head needs popping like similar pustulent growths.

How is it some EFTA Elites are  USAC CAT 1's?

Neauveau pro - kinda like Neauveau riche

Wife selection.  Pure luck or calculated?

Elitism in general - let's define that for posterity. 

Charlie Sheen "fallout" & ensuing judgement

The phrase "Not to make your head big."  Your head shrunk by saying that..

Constant fear of the "worst case scenario" - cancer or just dropping dead for example.  

I can safely say I will never come close to Tommy Emmanuel.

Better to have raced and lost than to have not challenged yourself at all?

Being identified by what you do "bumper stickers"  Used to thumb my nose at those..

Rather be rapid than vapid

51% commitment to doing another lap this weekend = gonna need a bottle rack thingy..

That's what we do. We're a little nuts.

Happily - I made it to work without weaving in front of anyone.  I need to start paying attention to commuting while commuting.


  1. Because EFTA is not USAC licensed you can bounce back and forth between elite and expert. In Root 66 probably half the guys racing Pro/Open are not licensed pros (either Gully won't approve them or they don't want to spend an extra $90 to have their picture on their license), but want more of a challenge and an extra lap.

  2. Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense to me. Funny how in EFTA you hafta pay more for Elite as well. Goes against my idiot rationalization that the higher you get, the lower your costs.

  3. Funny, all I thought about on this mornings ride was Willowdale.

    I think the added cost for elites is meant to provide an added payout for elites

  4. Yeah Steve, usually I ride with nary a thought. Part of why I love riding. I'm sure Willowdale prompted the majority of thinkings. Fer sure it's gonna be wicked hawd. Lotsa fast blokes making the trip.

    I suppose higher fees represents higher risk / reward.