Thursday, August 30, 2012

Just plain lazy.

That's been the trend this season.  Let's see..  at least 3 races with partial write ups. 

Lazy about training..

Lazy about proper food consumption (quality & quantity)... 

Lazy about tuning up my bikes properly...

Just stupid lazy.

Let's maintain this lazy wave:

Here are the partials - it's the thought that counts:

Short story - was doing goodish (just behind Jacob Harris) hit a rock-too-damn-hard and DNF'd with a whacked / cracked rim.  Almost made it under an hour running the last freaking mile:


New (to the course) spot at the top
World's coolest bike shop
Short story - Love the race, it hates me.  Broken-hip-Rick blew my friggin doors off (pre-broken-hip), so did team boss  Big Al.  Course was way harder than ever - old man back was effed, bailed on the last lap.  Yick.


Stunning sunset
One of the last riders wrapping it up
Awards ceremony

Short story - Love the race, the vibe, the location & the scenery.  Got 2nd in Solo - thanks in no small part to the absence of Greg Jancaitis.   Problem is, love hurts.  Three days later - my right hand was oddly numb.  Still is to this day.  Ayut - got me some carpal tunnel.. 

Here is the wrap up with the HH100.

 Thanks Liz for umm.. the inspiration. We're now up to the minute.

So I *might* do the Landmine 50 and the VT50 to wrap up the mountain bike season.  It all depends on how numb my hand feels and what the doctah says...  He'll probably come down on me for being lazy about seeing a doctor..

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