Thursday, March 24, 2011

One guy, two wheeled, geared down Prius eater

(Clears throat - steps up to the mike)

Listen, I just like to ride my bike OK?  I don't ride it because it's green, low cost, rebellious or politically correct.   I ride for pleasure,  adventure and the visceral / endorphin rush that accompanies every ride.  I ride it for it's damn near mechanical perfection.  

I've been sensing a little tension amongst the two Prius folk I encounter.  One of them is an individual who I see while commuting.  We meet at the same traffic light crossing Victory Highway from time to time - and it has gotten a little silly. Often when I approach the light I'll tend towards the left side of the lane for two reasons: To make it clear to oncoming traffic that I'm in the intersection, and to let the motorists behind me who want to turn right pass.  On a few mornings - the little blue Prius with the bearded man will approach quietly from behind as the motor doesn't run while slowing and stop pretty close behind.  Umm dude.  I know your there.  I got this mirror thingy.   Sometimes - we'll be approaching the light simultaneously and he'll make an attempt to get ahead to claim the alpha position.  Of course - that means when he gets to the intersection his car is pretty much in the other lane.  Umm dude.  Just get in line, I promise - you won't lose any time.  When we meet along the road - he tends to drive past without slowing a little closer than the regulars..  Umm dude???  In the end - there's really no harm done.

But I think something else might be going on.

The other Prius guy I know - works with me.  For awhile he had been driving a sensible beige colored Toyota Corolla that probably had another 5 years left in her. Not too long ago when gas prices started getting close to half what the rest of the world pays, he came in with a shiny new Prius.  It was on *that* day - that he approached and stated "well, ya got me beat"  - "no way I can compete with a bike".  I just chuckled - because he is right, and because he just showed his cards.  It's not fair to lump buying groups together - but I'm thinking Prius folk are trying to win something and they know "bikes have them beat"

Really dude...  I wasn't competing.

Beating the Prius at its own game is another of those circumstantial benefits you get from biking.  Nowhere near as worthy as the mental and physical health benefits - but damn tasty in it's own way. 


Sure hope I don't get flattened by one.  Karma's funny like that.  Or would it be "Carma"?


  1. Funny thing about hybrids is Honda was building conventional gas powered cars that did as well if not better on gas in the 80's.

  2. I consider hybrids as purely transitional. The Chevy Volt takes it one step further - eventually tain't gonna be no more internal combustion.