Sunday, March 27, 2011

Under pressure

Yesterday I put another 80 or so miles in with the Road gang.  Things started out fairly normal with the goal of keeping the pace somewhere near medium.  One of the fellows started to bust loose as if to say: "Enough of the base miles already!!" I couldn't just let something like that happen without participating, so it certainly made for an interesting ride. 

Been wrastlin' tires on and off trying to sort out a couple of options.   Racing Ralph Evo TL Snakeskin on the back for most stuff, Racing Ralph Evo regular on one front rim for the faster smoother courses.  Nobby Nic Evo TL Snake skin on another slightly heavier front rim for the Gnar..   Hopefully no matter what tires I'm running I won't be pinch flatting this year.

Afterwards I went out and did a few test runs IMBY with different combos & pressures.  I have to say, whoever lived near the property before us:  Thanks for wheelin' around and creating some killer berms.


Whee!!!  Man, these tires *do* roll fast.

You can see I kinda ran out of daylight.  Looking forward to putting something together that ties the little course together.

My next bloggery should involve something racy.  The smell of trees and freshly churned dirt is in the air. The season is prit'near here. 

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  1. Holy Crap you're fast!!! You are going to win EVERYTHING this year!