Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It came through.

In 1978 after a lifetime of being carted around in VW beetles that my dad would patch up, our family acquired our first ever new car:  A Ford Fiesta.  Not just any Ford Fiesta, but a bright orange "S" model.  That'd be the sport version for those not-in-the-know.  The Fiesta was designed by the same fellow who introduced the world to the VW Rabbit - thusly it had some Euro pedigree in the form of excellent handling and phenomenal fuel mileage.  I ask the fuel addicted automotive world again:  DOES ANYONE REMEMBER THE SEVENTIES??  It was a quick car at the time due to weighing nearly as much as a modern day...  You know, I don't think anyone makes cars that light and dangerous anymore.

The point of this?  At the time I was overwhelmed by the turn of events.  I had never dreamed it possible that our family could purchase such a beautiful new car.  The first few days it sat in the driveway I'd just stare at it in amazement. 

Now, I'm not suggesting sponsorship is quite on the level of a new car to an impressionable 8 year old - but I still have a bit of doubt that what I have chanced upon is real.  Quite like the Fiesta I am over-dramatizing an everyday occurence.  But for now, I'll take it further than necessary.

Here's my first official plug - I'm rolling with these guys:  Here's to 2011!  Fact is,  I have been a bikeman the whole time.  Just ask the girls who I pass cutting through the soccer field on the way home.  "Hey.. bikeman..." Yeah, that's me.


  1. welcome to the team. see you out there next summer.

  2. Thanks! If all goes well, you'll whip it good in the elite class and I'll provide some filler - ya stud.