Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's really simple! All I have to do is lose a few pounds!

In 2009 - much weight was lost and much speed was found.  In 2010 no weight was lost - but a little more speed was found.  In 2011 weight must be lost - or very little additional speed will be found.  The problem is, I just keep finding food. 

Some examples:

These would be various Chunky Soups and tasty Grillin' Beans to my immediate lower left - few sardines in there too - who needs files?

Towards the upper left - I can always find these irresistible beauties

To my upper right some peanut butter, Nutella, apples and Triscuits - seems kinda healthyish.  That reminds me, I really need to get an updated picture of wife and child. 

Behind me - some Wheat Bagels.  These just can't be bad for you - can they?

Let's not forget this office essential just to the right of the "Bagel" drawer. Kind of empty at the moment - but there is a solid 4000 calories waitin' to happen in here.

It gets worse.  Management conducts lots of meetings with lots of important people and it's important to show important people how important they are by lavishing them with plenty of food.  It's also important to not run out.  As it happens - there is a frosted glass window I can peek through right next to me.  Guess where the royal spread goes?  Yep - right on the other side.  When the important people are done I'll watch carefully for the cleanup crew.  That's my cue that soon enough I can count on leftover sandwiches in the break room.  Really tasty sandwiches..

Another pathetic example from a few days ago:  Boss swings by with a foam container - "Hey Alby, want the other half of my steak and cheese pita?" - "Nah... I'm good.  Gotta keep swinging the axe".  Him - "Well, you could save it in the fridge for tomorrow.." Me -"Ooh, that's a good idea - sure, put it in there".   Remember the movie "Gone in 60 seconds"? I beat that.

So this winter / next spring -  The clear focus *has*  to be calorie deficit.  I am still quite porky by bike racing standards - which in a way seems good.  That means there's a whole bunch of speed left to be found.  The flip side of this, which I am sure happens to anyone looking to push themselves to the next level is that being competitive at even a slightly higher level starts to mean work.  So far "training" has been:  Ride to work, go race every so often and win.   Must be strong...  Must stop finding food - or settle for having gone racing "just for the fun of it".  Yick.


  1. Freakin' HILARIOUS!!!!!

  2. holy crap. that makes my work food stash look feeble. I can at least say that I don't eat my boss' leftovers.