Saturday, November 6, 2010

OMG! I'm like almost sponsored.

On Friday afternoon I received an emailed sponsorship offer from *the only* bike team I had been interested in.  I won't divulge the team quite yet as the whole thing could backfire.  Let's just say they're a bike shop from New England, they've been around for awhile and they're wicked smaht... in terms of utilizing the internet to it's fullest.  During the Hampshire 100 (a race I have yet to post about - among  many others that deserve mention) I rode behind one of their team members for awhile and even announced out loud to my favorite rival who I was pacing with that I was interested in joining that team.  The rider overheard me (oh good, it worked) and said it wasn't too hard to hook up with them.  Most excellent I thoughts to myself!

Part of the requirement (a big part) is to bolster internet marketing by offering reports - whether they be from racing, general riding or bike tech.  Additionally, one must offer a short bio and photo for the team page.  In turn, one recieves a very nice discount on general merchandise - an intial team kit below cost and of course above all, gets that much closer to being a "real" race dude.

Most of the racer bio's have a picture of the rider in racer attire looking pretty gnar.  The team manager made it clear, that it was not necessary to be decked out in the team kit with your bike for the photo.  For me, that was a  green light to mix things up and maybe even be a touch competive.  You see, day after day, I am trounced by super dads hamming it up with their kids eliciting oohs and ahhs from ladies.  It's my turn bitches. 

Here is one of the resultant shots from todays photo-shoot.  Ladies out there - try not to be overwhelmed with your emotions or desire.  I know I am working with immense power here, if things get out of hand remind yourself that most of us are competive jerks at the core.

To the men out there: Yeah that's right.  You've been pwnd pal.  By a dad hauling ass with his kid on a dangerously ill constructed pedicab.  I did make sure that it has two brakes - just in case one lets loose.  So maybe, just maybe I'm not all bad.

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