Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Adventure by Bike - Part 2. White Clay Creek Preserve: The sweetest single track

If you happen to be in SE PA near Kennet Square / Landenberg or DE - you must check out the White Clay Creek Preserve

Maybe enter right about here

On your left you'll find a parking lot with a trail heading off into the field

Opposite the lot  - this trail will swallow you whole..

These wide open trails will bring you into quite possibly the most flowy bits of single track perfection on really nice dirt you will ever find.  The trails easily rival anything the Kingdom Trails have to offer - except for maybe "Sidewinder" or "The Webs"   They just don't offer as much real-estate. 

I rode around for hours.  From time to time coming back to trails I had already done.   At one point you'll find a tunnel that goes under the road - then takes you out onto more supremely engineered trails.  Along the way you'll find a nice little skills section.   I can't say it enough.  The place is amazing.

Nicely canopied spot

Pump track style riding -that goes on, and on..

OMG!  A rock garden!!

Wooden bridge towards the Northern side

The Preserve was about 12 miles from my relatives house.  In total I rode about 54 miles - so 30 or so single track miles..  Amazing - not really doing my knee much good as it's been acting up.  But I couldn't help myself. 

The Vaya performed flawlessly here rolling the hybrid tires.  It's possible that things could get dicey in muddy conditions but with dry trails even a CX bike is plenty. 

After getting back I made sure to scold the in-laws:  "I am so pissed disappointed with you - been coming here for 15 years and you never told me about this place!!??"

To think - all these years I have continued to visit without even knowing this was there.  Such a good son-in-law was he..

One of many videos on Youtube:

For this coming weekends race - about a 90% chance I'm doing Domnarski - knee be damned.  The Rumpus is a fun time - but just a bit further out.  That and I prefer technical trails

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