Thursday, June 23, 2011

You know you want some of this.

Early this week I headed up to Montreal for a short business trip.  If you haven't been - you'll find a little something that's in short supply here in the states.

Freedom from fear. 

Montreal has been "doing" bikes since the seventies - building its infrastructure little by little.   Aside from bike paths and dedicated lanes throughout the city, you'll find  these nice pay-by-the-hour bike stands.

Everywhere you look - bikes, bikes, bikes.  

For certain a great deal of the experience is due to  Montreal's position as the most European influenced city  in North America.  I'm not suggesting that Europe has it all figured out - but when it comes to this,  sorry  - they're several decades ahead of us.  

Really folks - you know you want some of this..    

Sacre bleu!!  She has no helmet!!  She is so smart, so fit, so free, so..  unafraid.  Ooh la la! Summer has arrived in Montreal. 

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