Thursday, June 30, 2011

Must have been having fun

Took a couple of days off this week and rode Sutton State Forest as recommended by John Beaupre through this Facebook group:!/home.php?sk=group_139364369448144&ap=1

GPS data from a fellow on

Superb trail network - very, very well done.   Pretty much New England riding at it's best.

These pictures were from a well used / maintained trail coming  directly off the Mendon Rd Trailhead.   Perfect features to keep things interesting and just enough up and downhill for single-speed interval style riding.

Came around one corner and BOOM! there was this (maybe 7' high)  Didn't make it the first time - had to go back and try again of course.

Any moment I expected to see a Gnome run across my path here..  Lotsa lush moss. 

Should have put the bike in for reference.

Stone berm!  Felt better coming from the opposite direction.

Heading West there was another great loop - a little more bony - but right where I like to be: On the the ragged edge.

New destination to ride?  Check. 

It always feels a little silly to drive somewhere to bike - but this place is totally worth it.

It's also been awhile since I went out mountain biking purely for fun.  I was thinking of maybe a 2 hour ride - when I got back to the car it was more like 3.  The main reason for heading back:  Blisters on my palms..(no gloves dumbass)  There's a couple of ways to get those - hard to decide which is more exciting.

Thanks John!

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